Are You Worried About Toxins from Drinking and Eating out of Plastic and Metal Containers?

Worry no more!

You have found the newest-best alternative for unbreakable, non-leaching drinking bottles, baby bottles and food storage containers - ones that won't contaminate you or your kids with dangerous, hormone-altering, carcinogenic plastic chemicals (bisphenol A, phthalates) or neurotoxic stainless steel metals (iron, nickel, chromium, molybdenum) and aluminum leaching into your drink or food from the bottle/container.

Glastec® applies new, simple, non-toxic hardening technology to the oldest, naturally pure, recyclable food and beverage container - Glass - creating safe, virtually unbreakable* sports bottles; toddler and infant bottles; and food storage containers.
Feel Assured... Go Glastec!


* Our research has shown that these bottles and jars without their silicone skin can endure repeated drops from heights up to 8 feet without breaking.  With the silicone skin, and the optional carry bag for the water bottles, the risk of breakage is almost completely eliminated. The unlikely event that a bottle or jar falls and is impacted in exactly the same place on repeated occasions could result in breakage (but the glass will not shatter or become projectile), so always take care to avoid impact to the products as much as possible. Significant force above the limits of normal expected use applied to any vessel, including plastic, will result in breakage.



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